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Step into our startup's realm – a trio of us, all based in France, with a crypto journey that includes time at Binance. Together, we're crafting a new chapter in blockchain's story. From France's streets to digital horizons, we're reshaping the crypto future. Welcome to our adventure.

Adding to our story, we're a young team, all under 30 years old, infusing our venture with vibrant energy and fresh perspectives. Leading the technical front is Louis, our CTO, steering innovation with expertise. Martin, our CEO, adds visionary leadership, while Myriam, our dynamic sales lead, propels our market presence. Together, this dynamic blend of talents is propelling our startup to unprecedented heights.

Full Stack Developer (remote position)

Join us in our quest to seamlessly integrate Visa and Mastercard APIs. We're seeking a talented Full Stack Developer with a strong backend focus to shape the foundation of our platform. Your expertise will be pivotal in delivering an exceptional user experience. Ready to make your mark at the intersection of technology and finance? Get in touch today!

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Our process

Our recruitment process is designed to bring the best talents into our team seamlessly. You'll kick off with a one-hour coding session alongside our tech lead, Louis, where you'll get to showcase your skills and dive into engaging discussions. This session provides us with a comprehensive view of your technical abilities and problem-solving approach.

The final stage involves an interview with our founder and CEO, Martin. This step is more of a formality, aimed at ensuring you're a harmonious fit within our dynamic team. We look forward to getting to know you better and welcoming you to our innovative journey.

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If you're interested in joining us, please send your resume along with a brief cover letter explaining your desire to be a part of our team to [email protected].

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