About Us

Hey there, we're Martin and Louis – a pair of founders who've been in the trenches, building and running bootstrapped software and finance businesses for well over a decade.

We're a bunch of folks from beautiful France, and we've got a strong engineering background that keeps us grounded. We've had our hands in some cool stuff too – working alongside big shots like Binance and Amazon. They've given us a chance to put our techie skills to work and figure out their ins and outs.

We're a 100% bootstrapped and self-reliant company, and our independence is something we truly value. It empowers us to make decisions that put our users and our mission first, without any outside pressures from investors.

At the moment, there are three of us, working closely together to drive things forward. Exciting news though – we're currently in search of a skilled full stack developer to bring onboard. With this addition to our team, we're gearing up to enhance our product and make some real strides ahead. Joining forces, we're all set to bring our vision to new heights.

Our values

At Spend It, we're all about embracing a culture that truly values having a balanced life – work, relaxation, and family time. We're excited to offer a four-day work week, a no late-night work policy, and even a handy stipend to support mental well-being. And because family matters, we proudly provide six weeks of paid holidays each year.

We're convinced that these values will play a big role in making us successful and keeping us going strong.

Our future

We're not just standing still – we're on a journey to expand, pioneer, and consistently elevate our service. The prospects of what lies ahead fill us with enthusiasm, and we're eager to keep providing top-notch assistance to our users.

Your ideas and thoughts matter to us. If you have any suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We're genuinely excited to hear from you!


We're proud to announce that we're a Blockchair partner.

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